Diving For Young People

Diving For Young People

You might be surprised to learn that kids can learn to SCUBA dive from as young as 8 years old.

The main picture is our own trainee junior divemaster George Lennox, long ago, early on in his diving career - aged 10 (and three quarters) trying his first dry suit.

Diving gives young people a hobby that is exciting, unique, healthy, inspiring and inspirational. The skills they learn will stay with them for life.

And for irrefutable proof that diving for kids is also, importantly, rather cool, you can see below the kind of thing that trainee junior DM George gets up to these days.

Thanks to Dad Dave for supplying the photos.

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 Tenerife - April 2019
St. Abbs - September 21
Shore cover at Capernwray - June 22
Farne Islands - Above water with buddy Arthur, July 22
And below water!
Where it all began - Maltby Pool - April 17
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Not only does George love his diving but he absolutely loves being a part of the Dream Divers family. Since day one he has really enjoyed his time with his “personal” instructors. Of course George has always had his favourite instructor . After every lesson George attended the instructor on the day was his favourite. Believe me George has had instruction from everyone at Dream Divers. What really stands out for me is the commitment the Dream Divers team has in bringing on young divers. Recently George has been involved with the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. He picked water sports as his main theme. Well the Dream Divers team fully backed George and helped him immensely. George now has achieved his award. How many dive clubs would put as much effort and commitment into a young diver. I am George’s father and I am very proud of him. I am also very thankful to Dream Divers for looking after my son. Mostly as a parent Dream Divers have made me and my wife very welcome to their family. We have made some very good friends and have met some brilliant human beings.

David Lennox

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