Dive Guides

  • Giant Stride Entry

    See one of the Dream Divers Divemasters giving a great example of the "Giant Stride Entry" - one of the skills on the PADI Open Water Course.  

  • Pressure Testing a Dive Computer

    Pressure Testing a Dive Computer

    Master Instructor, John Smallwood, with a faulty dive computer in a pressure tester vessel.     It shows how important it is to always have your computers and watches pressure checked after battery changes and servicing. Contact us for all...

  • Dive Guides - Coming Soon!

    Dive Guides - Coming Soon!

    What would you like to see? We'll have a selection of Dream Divers very own video guides on all sorts of subjects on this page shortly, from how to properly tie a bolt snap... to how to hover like a...

  • Your First Breaths Underwater

    Your First Breaths Underwater

    Everything about scuba diving is new and very different to everything else we do, and not knowing what to expect can definitely make us feel a little nervous. But once we get past that initial stage, it can become the most life-changing experience.

    If you are wondering what it is like to take your first breathes underwater, you are in the right place. If you have been thinking about it for ages and have finally taken the plunge and want to learn how to scuba dive, you want to read this post.