Diving for Kids

Diving for Kids

You don't need to be an adult to learn to SCUBA dive!

Diving is a really great hobby for all the family. It can open up whole new worlds of travel and adventure, teach physical, mental and technical skills, and inspire a true awareness of and respect for the planet we live on, and the massive variety of life in our oceans. 

Kids can learn to dive from as young as 8.

To try it out - in a single session in a pool with less than 6 feet of water - have a look at the  Bubblemaker experience- currently £35.00 per child.

Tried it and liked it? Or just know that your child will love it? Check out the PADI Seal Team course for 8 to 12 year olds - currently £185.00 per child

Also based entirely in a pool environment, this course involves as series of "AquaMissions" that introduce your child to wreck diving, navigation, buoyancy, underwater photography, environmental awareness, and more. Here's your child's chance to do some cool stuff in the pool, meet friends and share in the adventure of the underwater world.

The best part of the Seal Team AquaMissions is that they reinforce safe diving skills while the kids are having fun. PADI Seals get to sample a wide variety of dives and learn fundamental dive skills in a controlled and safe environment.

Or just want the coolest  birthday party ever? Have a look at our Scuba Diving Pool Party - suitable for 8 years plus and just £200 for up to eight children.

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