Dive Gear Review: Hydrotech Predator 2 Drysuit

Dive Gear Review: Hydrotech Predator 2 Drysuit

Dive Gear Review: Hydrotech Predator 2 Drysuit

As a professional in the scuba diving industry, Mark Carlisle, PADI Dive Master is constantly on-the-go and needs equipment that is reliable. In the past, fads have come up which made him consider using other dive gear, but a quality product that is made to last is essential when choosing new dive gear.

Mark has been looking at buying a new drysuit for some time, he wanted to support a local manufacturer that provided high standards of service and a cracking product. He chose the Hydrotech Predator 2 Drysuit Front Entry version, although the there is a back entry version of this too, he has really been looking forward to testing his British made drysuit, here is what he has to say about his new drysuit.

Picking Up The Predator 2 Drysuit

I picked up the drysuit from the shop, and headed off to Capernwray to put the suits through its paces. The first thing that struck me was by how light my drysuit felt when I picked it up from the shop. Other neoprene and trilaminate suits are much heavier, but this suit is made with 1.5mm crushed neoprene that gives excellent flexibility and comfort while diving!

How did it feel diving the suit?

At 18m, the insulation properties of the drysuit is improved by a woven-in Titanium Alloy. This helps to insulate and aid body temperature retention according to Matt from Hydrotech. This is a very warm drysuit, I only wore base layers underneath to stay comfortable and warm.

This particular version of the suit was comes fitted with the Si-Tech Dry Glove System, which was a first for Hydrotech and the Predator 2 drysuit. This feature allows my hands to stay dry while diving and made for a very pleasurable diving experience. Adding this extra option to the drysuit brought this suit up to the same level of specification as drysuits from other manufacturers on the market, without the hefty price tag. 

How easy was it to get into the suit?

Hydrotech's designed contoured front entry zip was longer than normal to provide easier access when self-donning and provided a better, more streamlined fit. This contoured zip was protected with a nylon outer zip, again this was longer than usual so this in combination with the suits telescopic torso made getting in and out of the suit much easier, an excellent touch and feature benefit which truly puts this suit into the front entry self donning category, more so than others.

How did the neck seal feel?

The neoprene neck seal gave increased comfort as you would expect while the hood recess, known as the warm collar, helped give extra warmth once the hood was in place. This is a nice little touch. The hood that comes with the suit sits perfectly into the warm neck, I also like the small Hydrotech logo on the top of the hood, great brand placement without being over the top.

What other features made you choose this suit?

There are a number of additional feature that I really like about this suit.

  1. The kevlar knee pads give a second layer of protection to the knee area especially whilst teaching.
  2. The suit was fitted with a 1.5mm compressed neoprene socks, which were both flexible and comfortable
  3. The Predator 2 was fitted with a cuff dump which was my preference but there is an option to have a Shoulder Dump Valve as an alternative.
  4. The two thigh pockets provided ample storage for accessories, both pockets had a red tab for easy location, a small zipped, integrated secondary pocket and an internal d-ring for secure attachment of accessories.

Would you recommend this drysuit to your students?

I would give the Predator 2 drysuit a 10 out of 10 because it's quite comfortable and performs really well in the water. The suit is great value for money. The only thing missing is to put "Made in Britain" on this suit so that customers know they are getting good quality products from a UK based company.

Mark Carlisle 
PADI Dive Master

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