Meet the Team - Jordan Taff

Meet the Team - Jordan Taff

Next up is recent addition to the team Steve.


Jordan Taff



Dive Qualification

Trainee Divemaster

What year did you start diving?


What made you take up diving?

A desire to push my limits

What is your favourite bit of dive kit and why?

Split fins, because everyone else hates them!

What is your favourite place to dive in the UK?

Capernwray. Great visibility, great centre and great people attend

What's the best place to dive outside the UK?

Florida key largo, clear, warm, perfect.

What's your favourite critter?

Still to be decided!

What's the best thing about working with Dream Divers?

After plenty of experience with customer service it was clear dream divers cared about the customer more than other dive centres, and for that reason Dream divers were the easy clear choice!

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