Meet the Team - Jack Tams

Meet the Team - Jack Tams

Next up is Assistant Instructor Jack.


Jack Tams



Dive Qualification

Assistant Instructor

What year did you start diving?


What is your favourite bit of dive kit and why?

My Oceanic Excursion BCD, one of the first bits of kit I ever bought - has never let me down in any environment I've thrown at it.

What is your favourite place to dive in the UK?

St Abbs - never disappoints with some of the most accessible diving in the UK for novice or experienced divers alike.

What's the best place to dive outside the UK?

Really hard to pick a single place, I've been lucky enough to travel some amazing places. Mozambique and South Africa have been once in lifetime experiences - Egypt Brother Islands are also high up on the list of unforgettable experiences.

What's your favourite critter?

Thresher Shark - I've been fascinated by them since first spotting one in the distant on Little Brother (Egypt) on my first liveaboard, then having the opportunity to get even closer in the Philippines there's really nothing else like it.

What's the best thing about working with Dream Divers?

The shared passion for diving and team spirit, there's no better group to share a once in a lifetime trip with or pick up a new skill in the pool.

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