Vandagraph R-33S1 Oxygen Sensor (Analox Compatible)

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Vandagraph R-33S1 Oxygen Sensor (Analox Compatible) 

Enhance your diving safety and accuracy with the Vandagraph R-33S1 Oxygen Sensor.

This high-performance sensor is designed for seamless compatibility with a range of gas analyzers, including the:

  • OMS Analyzer II
  • Analox 9212-9 (excluding ATA)
  • Teledyne MixChek
  • Pro O2 (Internal)
  • Nuvair Quickstick
  • Nuvair Pro Trimix.

Dive confidently knowing your oxygen levels are precisely monitored with the Vandagraph R-33S1.

NOTE: This sensor is not suitable for use with the Analox ATA Trimix analyser, but is for other Analox units.

Perfect for professional divers and enthusiasts alike, the Vandagraph R-33S1 ensures reliability and precision in every dive.