Vandagraph R-33DE Oxygen Sensor (Analox O2 EII Replacement Cell)

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Vandagraph R-33DE Oxygen Sensor

The Vandagraph R-33DE Oxygen Sensor is engineered for precision and reliability, making it an ideal choice for serious divers. This sensor is compatible with the Analox O2 EII, specifically the version with a JST connector, as well as the 9100-9220-9B model. Whether you're diving recreationally or professionally, the Vandagraph R-33DE ensures accurate oxygen level readings, enhancing your underwater safety and performance. Trust in the quality and compatibility of the Vandagraph R-33DE for your essential gas analysis needs.


  • High-precision oxygen level readings
  • Reliable performance for enhanced diving safety
  • Easy installation and compatibility
  • Durable and long-lasting design

Compatible Units:

  • Analox O2 EII (version with JST connector)
  • 9100-9220-9B

NOTE: This is a replacement cell for the Analox O2 EII oxygen analyser