Regulator 2nd Stage or Octo Reg Service

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Regulator 2nd Stage or Octo Reg Service

At Dream Divers, we are dedicated to ensuring the impeccable operation of your scuba diving regulator's second stage. Our expert technicians, armed with the latest servicing tools, provide unparalleled care for each regulator in our advanced facility.

Our second stage service is all-encompassing, covering all maintenance and repair aspects for maximum performance and safety. Oxygen cleaning for enriched air users is also available upon request. Please indicate if you need this additional service when scheduling your service.

What is included in the standard Second Stage Regulator Service?

  • Included Labor Charges
  • Replacement of all O-Rings and diaphragms
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning for every component
  • Lubrication using the best industry-standard products
  • Adjustments for ideal inhalation and exhalation effort
  • Mouthpiece replacement if needed
  • All Labor Costs Covered

Regulator Servicing Process and Time Frames

Our second stage service process is detailed to ensure your regulator is returned in optimal condition:

  • Thorough disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of all parts
  • Reassembly with brand new service parts as necessary
  • Tuning for smooth breathing
  • Comprehensive performance testing under dive-like conditions

Services are generally completed within a 10-14 day period. For faster turnaround, expedited services are available upon request. We also provide loaner regulators for divers with upcoming trips to keep your dive plans on track.

Service Warranty

All second-stage regulator services conducted by Dream Divers are backed by a 3-month warranty, ensuring our commitment to quality and your complete satisfaction according to the BS1003 standard.