Regulator 1st Stage Reg Service

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Regulator 1st Stage Reg Service

At Dream Divers, we excel in delivering premier servicing for your scuba diving regulator's first stage, ensuring optimal gear performance for every dive. Our skilled technicians leverage the latest technology and adhere to established industry practices to service various regulator models.

Our service encompasses thorough inspections and maintenance, including the use of diverse service kits and optional oxygen cleaning to prepare your regulator for any diving condition. Kindly request this extra service when you make your booking.

What is included in the standard First Stage Regulator Service?

  • Included Labor Charges
  • Renewal of all dynamic and static O-Rings
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning for all metallic components
  • Application of manufacturer-recommended lubricants on all movable parts
  • Filter replacement and repair of worn parts
  • Pressure adjustments for enhanced performance
  • Coverage of All Labor Expenses

Regulator Servicing Process and Time Frames

Our servicing process is comprehensive, designed to elevate your regulator's first stage to the highest performance and safety levels:

  • Extensive disassembly, cleaning, and drying of all parts
  • Reconstruction with new O-Rings and essential part replacements
  • Tuning and balancing for superior performance
  • Detailed water test to verify perfect functionality

Service completion is typically within 10-14 days, though we offer faster options upon request. To accommodate urgent needs, we provide complimentary loaner regulators, ensuring your diving activities continue uninterrupted during service.

Service Warranty

Every service performed by Dream Divers comes with a 3-month warranty, guaranteeing compliance with the BS1003 standard for quality and safety in your regulator service.