Regulator 02 Clean 1st & 2nd Stage

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Regulator First & Second Stage O2 Clean Service

Upgrade the safety and functionality of your diving equipment with Dream Divers' Regulator First & Second Stage O2 Clean Service, covering both the first and second stages of your scuba diving regulator. Dream Divers excels in readying your regulator for enriched air diving, featuring an extensive oxygen cleaning procedure. This service is essential for ensuring your regulator's components are safe and suitable for use with high-oxygen content gas blends.

What is included in the Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage O2 Clean Service?

  • All Labor Charges for O2 Cleaning
  • Thorough disassembly and cleaning of all components to eliminate contaminants
  • Application of oxygen-compatible lubricants and O-Rings
  • Reassembly and testing for high-oxygen mixture compatibility
  • All Labor Costs for O2 Cleaning

O2 Cleaning Process and Time Frames

Our O2 cleaning service is comprehensive, meeting the strictest safety protocols:

  • Intensive cleaning to remove hydrocarbons and other contaminants
  • Reassembly using oxygen-safe materials
  • Extensive testing to verify O2 service readiness

Typically, the O2 cleaning process is completed within 10-14 days, though we offer expedited services upon request. This vital service prepares your regulator for nitrox and advanced diving, providing you with confidence in your gear's safety for enriched air use.

Service Warranty

Dream Divers stands behind our Regulator First & Second Stage O2 Clean Service with a 3-month warranty, demonstrating our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction. Rely on Dream Divers for thorough preparation of your regulator for enriched air diving.