PADI Surface Marker Buoy Diver

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Divers should consider getting the PADI Surface Marker Buoy Diver Specialty because they will be required to use this device at most dive sites. The benefit of sending a signal up is that it lets others know where you are and whether or not everything is okay. If your team has been separated, sending a buoy signal will allow the boat to track you safely!

Delayed Surface Marker Buoys (DSMBs) are long inflatable tubes that divers launch from underwater or at the surface to mark their position on the water's surface. These devices help communicate with people above, so every dive guide and instructor around will carry one or two of these during a dive as they can be used in case there is an emergency. Every diver should also carry one in case they become separated during a dive, which however unlikely, does happen from time to time. It's usually deployed from around 5-10 meters underwater, but can also be attached to the surface or bottom of water depending on your dive plan.

What will I do during the PADI DSMB course

During the course, divers will complete a pool dive and two open-water training dives. During these sessions, they'll learn how to properly use surface marker buoys (SMBs) as well as delayed surface marker buoys (DSMB). An SMB is one of the most useful items in your diving kit because it gives you an easy way to communicate with people above when you're coastal diving.

The most common use for a DSMB is that you deploy the buoy during an open-water dive is from around 5 meters to 10 meters underwater, as such this is where we will be completing most of your skills dives.

What Scuba Gear Will I Use?

You use all your basic scuba gear, a dive computer and practice with at least two or three types of reels, spools and surface marker buoys.

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