Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Hose

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Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Diving Hose

The Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Diving Hose is designed to meet the rigorous demands of avid divers engaging in expeditions where contact with rocks and wrecks is frequent. With its robust construction and enhanced durability, this hose stands as a testament to Miflex's commitment to quality, offering reliability in the most challenging underwater environments.

Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Diving Hose Technical Specifications

  • Material: High-quality construction with electroless nickel plated fittings
  • Weight: Optimized for balance and durability without compromising flexibility
  • Dimensions: 7.5mm outside diameter, available in various lengths to suit diver needs
  • Depth Rating: Approved for use up to 300 Bar of working pressure
  • Compatibility: Standard fittings include M 7/16" UNF, F 7/16" UNF, making it compatible with a wide range of diving equipment
  • Burst Test Pressure: > 2,000 Bar, exceeding EN250 requirements of >1250 Bar
  • Pull-out Test: > 250kg, surpassing EN250 requirements of >100Kg

Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Diving Hose Features

  • Colors: Available exclusively in Carbon Black, offering a sleek and professional look
  • Sizes: Comes in multiple lengths to accommodate various diving setups and preferences
  • Unique Functionalities: Features a larger outside diameter for increased durability and electroless nickel plated fittings for enhanced resistance to corrosion

Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Diving Hose Benefits

  • Enhanced Durability: Specifically designed for heavy use in challenging environments, ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Comfortable Fit for Prolonged Use: Balanced weight and flexibility offer a comfortable diving experience without sacrificing strength
  • Easy Maintenance: Robust construction and quality materials facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance, extending the hose's lifespan
  • Safety Features: Exceeds EN250 safety standards for burst pressure and pull-out tests, providing peace of mind during dives

The Miflex Carbon HD High Pressure Diving Hose is an essential piece of equipment for divers seeking reliability and performance in their underwater adventures. Its technical superiority, combined with Miflex's dedication to quality, makes it a standout choice for both professional and recreational divers.