TUSA Deluxe Mesh Drawstring Bag

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The TUSA mesh bag is durable and practical, with a large storage capacity and simple functionality rolled into one - not to mention looking great! Sporting the TUSA logo, the drawstring feature keeps your kit in one place while the solid bottom material keeps any potential water seepage to a minimum. The mesh material allows you to put in wet gear and let it drain out by air flow. The handy shoulder strap will allow you to comfortably carry everything around with you. Great for transporting and storing wet or dry beach, dive and snorkelling gear. Large storage capacity 72cm x 43cm. Reinforced nylon mesh centre section. Solid nylon lower section to reduce wear and tear. Adjustable shoulder strap. Drawstring seal with locking toggle. This is a must have for your holiday adventures! Ideal for any water sport including diving, pool usage, snorkelling and beach use. It can hold all your wet gear! Also great for storing your gear together so it ready for your next adventure.