Lumb Bros Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Kit

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Lumb Bros Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Kit

Neoprene Queen Adhesive is a fast-curing, thick, black contact adhesive. Its properties make it perfect for repairing rips in neoprene and splits in the seams. This repair kit will enable you to make quick and durable repairs to rips, holes, leaks and split seams on neoprene wetsuit material. You can glue the edges of a split back together in just a few minutes, and even make repairs on the beach.

To use, apply to both edges of a rip and bond firmly together for 20 seconds. Within 5 minutes, it should be touch dry and you will be ready to go back in the water!

An essential repair tool for divers, anglers, surfers, bodyboarders, kite surfers and dinghy sailors.

Perfect for casual watersports enthusiasts as well as professional triathletes who want to stand out.