Deluxe Universal Hand Strap

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Having both your hands free on a dive makes life much easier when you're exploring the underwater world. The Tovatec UHS-D Deluxe Universal Torch / Flashlight Hand Strap gives you this freedom when using your dive light. This strap has three hook and loop straps -- the first strap wraps snugly around your hand, and the second two straps attach a wide range of larger sized underwater torches for hands-free lighting. The soft neoprene padding on the bottom make it more comfortable for the wearer to use, and a durable nylon security strap wraps around the back portion of the hand, adding extra stability when diving underwater. Adjustable, one size fits most. Designed for: Fusion 530 and 1050 lights, T1000 USB, Sports Tac, Compact, IFL660-R and other lights up to 2 inch diameter. Soft hook and loop strap comfortably fits on your hand. Adjustable, one size fits most. Durable nylon security strap. Neoprene padded bottom. Fits a wide variety of Tovatec/Intova torches. Dimensions: (LxW