Hollis M1 Mask

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Hollis M1 Mask

This Hollis M1 mask is perfect for those who want to experience the world of scuba diving without a bulky mask. The lightweight and low profile design make it an easy choice, while also providing ultimate clarity with crystal clear Saint-Gobain glass!

The Hollis M1 Skirt

The sleek and shiny outer surface of this 100% pure silicone skirt provides an excellent seal against the skin while giving it a soft, plush feel. The gloss finish internally gives you more grip when handling things or walking around with your skirt pulled up high so nothing gets lost between floors!

The Hollis M1 Lens

The new lenses are made of optical-grade Saint-Gobain glass, which allows more light to pass through the lens rather than being deflected by impurities found in lower-quality glasses. This results not only in better visibility when viewing things up close or from different angles but also enhances colors naturally so they're vibrant without any unnatural tints overpowering them!

The Hollis M1 Mask is designed with an adjustable silicone strap that fits any size face.