Fantasea BigEye Lens M67 Mark II

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Patented Wide Angle Lens with a 67mm thread, which fits over the housing's port and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive.   Perfect for shooting seascape, divers, ship wrecks and schools of fish, without moving further away from the subject, thereby still taking full advantage of water clarity and artificial light sources.   The BigEye Lens M67 Mark II features a multi-layered anti-reflection coating on both sides of the lens, whichsignificantly reduces lens flares.   Click here for further information regarding the BigEye Lens patented technology.   Can be mounted on 67mm threaded lens ports or other lens ports by using an adaptor.   Specifications:    

  • Features a 67mm thread mount
  • Depth rated to 50 meters / 160 feet
  • Magnification (angle of coverage recovery): 0.75X (100%)
  • Lens material: Hard coated plastic dome and aero grade aluminum alloy
  • Weight (on land): 203g
  • Dimensions: 118mm x 32mm (D)
  * Replaces the BigEye Lens M67 (Cat. No. 5137)   Important Notice Prior to purchase, please confirm that no additional adaptor is required to fit this product to your housing. Please Click Here to visit the Fantasea Accessory Finder Page. Weight: .21 kg