Cylinder Test Deposit

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Visual/Hydrostatic Test Deposit

Diving cylinders are subject to a Hydrostatic test every five years and a Visual Test every two and a half years, whereas Gun Cylinders only need a Hydrostatic test every five years. The type of valve determines the classification of the cylinder: standard diving valves indicate a diving cylinder requiring both tests, while surface charging valves with gauge and bleed screw classify it as a surface cylinder, necessitating only the hydrostatic test every five years.

Opting for an Oxygen clean during your cylinder's test offers cost efficiency, with the clean remaining valid for 15 months. When you bring your cylinder for servicing, it can be returned with an air fill, or specify a Nitrox blend for an additional charge.

What’s included:

  • Cylinders stripped of all stickers and valve removed
  • Full valve service – standard service parts included
  • Cylinder visual inspection
  • Valve Installation
  • Air Fill

Additional Costs:

  • Extra valve parts not standard, such as a new handwheel
  • Shot Blasting: Charged at £22.95 per cylinder for internal shot blasting, pending prior approval
  • Oxygen Cleaning: Additional charge for Nitrox fill following oxygen cleaning during the test