Cylinder Visual Test + Crack Test (Eddy)

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Cylinder Crack Test (Eddy Current Test)

The Cylinder Crack Test, also recognized as the Eddy Current Test, plays a vital role in the scuba diving community by guaranteeing the reliability of diving cylinders. This sophisticated technique utilizes electromagnetic fields to uncover hidden flaws or cracks within the metal, crucial for the prevention of potential failures.

This procedure is particularly vital for aluminium tanks, targeting the areas most prone to damage, including the neck area, to prevent corrosion and stress damage. Serving as a cornerstone for routine cylinder upkeep, this test is instrumental in assuring a diver's safety by confirming the tank's durability against the rigorous demands of underwater exploration.

Advantages of the Eddy Current Test:

  • Identifies small defects and cracks
  • Offers a thorough, non destructive evaluation
  • Crucial for the longevity and safety of aluminum tanks
  • A critical component of detailed inspection protocols

Implementing the Eddy Current Test regularly stands as a fundamental safety measure, ensuring that scuba tanks meet the highest standards of safety and are prepared for any diving journey.