Atomic SS1 Octopus

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Atomic SS1 Octopus

This isn’t your normal safe second/inflator combo. The Atomic SS1 Octopus is a fresh innovation on a longtime concept as Atomic engineered a new level of performance. While others prioritize convenience, Atomic placed equal importance on superior materials, reliability, and high-performance natural breathing. The SS1 fits virtually any BCD on the market today and actually breathes like a primary.

Available in Titanium or Stainless Steel

Whether you pair the SS1 with an all-Titanium Atomic T3 primary or any other regulator, choose from Titanium or Stainless Steel SS1 models. Both deliver the highest breathing performance with outstanding corrosion resistance.

Fits Virtually Any BCD

One of the most unique features of the SS1 is its adaptability to almost any BC. Atomic designed adapters to fit virtually every popular BC brand available (and many that are not). The adapters also include components for attaching the cable exhaust feature of your existing BC (if applicable).

Atomic SS1 Octopus Features

  • Patented Atomic Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice prevents wear of the low-pressure seat that extends the service interval and improves reliability.
  • Titanium lever is the link to your air supply and will never fail due to rust or corrosion.
  • The SS1 is compatible for EAN mixtures up to 50% Oxygen.
  • Integrated flexible purge cover allows purge of the regulator when depressed anywhere on the cover surface.
  • High-flow LP hose & disconnect is interchangeable with many other models yet smaller size and lighter in weight.