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  • RASH GUARD VEST: longlasting rash vest that ensures your child gets to enjoy swimming, snorkeling and playing on the beach
  • SUN PROTECTION: UPF40+ UV protection protects skin from the sun's harmful rays
  • COMFORT AND FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: flat seams and stretchy fabric avoid chafing on children's sensitive skin
  • SLIM FIT: The Seac RAA Evo fits close to the body like a second skin for a more comfortable and streamlined fit.
  • A RASH VEST FOR EVERYONE: The Seac RAA Evo rash guard is available for children, women and men, both short and long sleeve

The Seac Rash Guard RAA Short Evo for Children fits like a second skin preventing chaffing, rashes and it can even protect you from jellyfish stings. Given the materials used, the Seac Rash Guard RAA Short Evo Kid ensures elasticity, great freedom of movement, lets your child's skin breathe and also offers strong protection from the sun (UPF40+ UV protection). This rash vest fits close to the body for a more comfortable and streamlined fit. The flat seams allow for greater comfort and avoid chafing. The Seac RAA Short Evo Kid is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and other water sports. It's available in both long and short sleeve for kids and adults. Seac Rash Guard RAA also come in Pant Evo form to protect the legs.