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  • DISINFECTANT: Seac Sanidive is a broad-spectrum disinfectant spray with triple bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action. Perfect against gram + and gram- bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • DETERGENT: Seac Sanidive spray sanitizer also performs a detergent and solvent action and is therefore ideal for effective cleaning of equipment and fabrics.
  • DEODORANT: the antibacterial Seac Sanidive composition radically eliminates microorganisms that cause odors of neoprene, lycra and other fabrics and providing a pleasant lemon scent.
  • WATER SPORTS: suitable for cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of equipment and sportswear, accessories and especially swimming equipment, diving, snorkeling and other water sports (regulators, snorkel, fins, masks ...). Also perfect on synthetic fabrics such as nylon and neoprene, it can be used for example as a fungicide.
  • HOW TO USE: spray a small amount of product, leave 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with running water. Biodegradability> 90%. Do not disperse the product in the environment.

Seac Sanidive is a disinfectant spray developed for those who practice water sports like swimming, diving, freediving or snorkeling, and wants to take care of your equipment by removing, in complete safety, viruses, fungi and bacteria. The format is comfortable and practical, ideal to keep handy in your pool bag or in your maintenance kit for diving equipment.

Seac Sanidive is a broad spectrum product that performs a triple bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action. It also performs a cleansing and solvent actions and eliminates microorganisms that cause bad odors on neoprene, lycra and other fabrics, leaving a pleasant lemon scent.
Suitable for cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of equipment for water sports (swimming, diving, snorkeling, freediving ...), such as regulators, snorkels, masks, fins and goggles. Also perfect for all synthetic clothing for water sports, such as wetsuits, rash guards, gloves, socks, swimwear, beach shoes and slippers. Safe on plastic, glass, metal, nylon and neoprene.
Seac Sanidive is easy to use. Just spray a small amount of product, leave 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly under running water. .
Its biodegradability is very high, more than 90%. It does not stain and does not produce foam. As with any cleaner, it is recommended not to exceed in the use and do not litter.