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  • Made with EVA material, unassailable by bacteria or fungus, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Great softness and flexibility
  • High Performance, for divers of all levels, suitable for all enviroments, tough at low temperatures, stress-crack and UV radiation resistant.
  • The conveyor along the entire blade, prevents lateral water dispersion for greater propulsion with reduced muscular effort
  • Anatomical foot pocket, integrated with the fin blade for greater thrust, reducing fatigue and ankle twisting
  • The Sling strap in color coordinated to the blade, provides a comfortable fit for both wetsuit and drysuit boots or when wearing gloves.

The fins Seac Sub Propulsion S, very high performance, virtually indestructible, created in technological material EVA , impact and stress resistant, tough at low temperatures, unassailable by fungus or bacteria, anallergic and non-toxic, UV resistant. he. The EVA provides at the same time great softness and flexibility. Designed for challenging dives at more rigid temperatures but well-suited to any kind dives and level of divers. The innovative features introduced, such as as the blade having the conveyors along the entire fin, to prevent lateral water dispersion and provide greater propulsion with reduced muscular effort. The water is directed toward the tip of the flipper giving a greater thrust propulsion with minimal muscular fatigue and minimal energy expenditure,increasing safety when dealing with more critical situations such as strong current or when carrying heavy equipment. The ribbing and the is in thermoplastic rubber of superior quality, as well as the anatomical foot pocket integrated with the flipper blade for greater thrust, reduce fatigue and ankle twisting. The Sling straps in color-coordinated with the blade is developed to provide the diver with a quick and comfortable fit, even when wearing dry suit boots, gloves, while standing and whereas the space for getting dressed is limited. Available in 4 colors: white,blue, yellow, black. 3 sizes S/M (37-39) – M/L (40-42) – L/XL (43-45)