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  • SWIMMING POOL AND SNORKELING - The Seac Speed-S short fins for children and adults are perfect both for training legs in swimming in the pool, open water and for snorkeling at sea
  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNING - Seac Speed-S closed-foot short fins provide great comfort even after first use
  • 3 MATERIALS - The Seac Speed-S shovel and short fin shovel are made of 3 different plastic materials to provide thrust and resistance where needed
  • FOOT COMFORT - The ergonomic design of the closed shoe provides comfort and stability, for a fin to rest on the foot without causing discomfort
  • FROM 34 TO 47 - The Seac Speed-S swimming fins are available in 7 sizes to fit from 34 to 47 and are recommended for both children and adults

Seac Speed ??S are short swimming fins ideal for the first targeted workouts of the lower body. They are designed for the pool but nothing stops you using them in the sea as snorkeling fins. The Seac Speed ??S closed-foot fins have an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. The short fins for the Seac Speed ??S swim completes the Seac line dedicated to swimming that includes: floating modular belt, kick board, pull buoy, hand fins, short training fins, fabric and silicone swimming caps, swimwear, nose and ear plugs, swimming goggles and masks, rubber flip-flops and pool bags.