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SEAC DX200 ICE adds maximum reliability to the already high performance of the DX200 series, even in extreme situations such as diving under the ice.

The balanced first stage, in forged brass, small and discreet, is equipped with an ICE system which isolates all moving parts from water. DX200 ICE guarantees total thermal protection as well as a constant intermediate pressure throughout the dive, at any depth.

The first stage has 2 high pressure outlets and 4 low pressure outlets with different inclinations for an optimal hose arrangement.

The stainless steel valve seat is removable and, consequently, easily replaceable during maintenance.

The balanced second stage has a high impact design with anti-scratch and anti-corrosion front cover. It is possible to adjust both the Venturi effect and the sensitivity of the regulator to ambient pressure and the consequent respiratory effort.

The control valves are well defined and it is easy to find the optimal setting, even wearing heavy gloves.

The OWS system prevents self-supply in the event of a strong current.

Available with INT 230 BAR or DIN 300 BAR fitting.

All Seac regulators are Made in Italy.