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  • HOT FEET: Seac Seal Skin neoprene socks, available 3 mm, avoid heat loss and keep your feet warm
  • ADHESION TO THE ANKLE: the smooth neoprene skin on the inside of the ankle allows the maximum adherence between the sock and the leg of the suit, reducing the passage of the water
  • CAMOUFLAGE COLORS: Seac Seal Skin thermal socks are available in various camouflage colors to match the wetsuit and complete the thermal protection
  • IMPROVES COMFORT WITH THE FIN: the reinforcement on the instep and the high quality and durability of the neoprene fabric improve the fit of both the fins with the strap and full foot.
  • Seac QUALITY: like every product of the Italian company Seacsub, the Seac Seal Skin neoprene socks are designed to offer to all fans of freediving and spearfishing the best possible experience in the water

Seac Seal Skin Camo socks are available in 3 mm neoprene specially designed by Seacsub for greater comfort during freediving and spearfishing. Seac Seal Skin Camo neoprene socks prevent heat loss and leave your feet warm. Moreover, they allow a more comfortable fit both of the full foot fins and of the open ones with a strap, as if they were rigid-sole shoes. The smooth effect of the neoprene at the ankle ensures greater adherence to the suit. Available in 5 sizes and variouos camouflage colors.