Maldives Best of the Southern Atolls

Maldives: Best of the Southern Atolls

Explore the southern atolls of the stunning Maldives with blue o two and experience some of the best diving the Maldives has to offer. Enter a wonderful world of beautiful coral formations, channel dives and submerged pinnacles. There really is so much to explore in this 10-night diving adventure with the possibility of shark, eagle ray, tuna, manta ray and whale shark sightings.

Itinerary Highlights

Fushi Kanda – Laamu Atoll

One of the most popular channel dives; although relatively shallow, it stretches for 250m and white tip reef sharks are frequent visitors. So too are schools of jacks, as they surge in among tuna and eagle rays.

Olhugiri Kandu – Thaa Atoll

Schooling fish and jacks attract large numbers of white tip reef sharks. Tuna and eagle rays wait for the leftovers and the occasional large Napoleon wrasse can be seen nibbling on corals.

Mulaku Kandu – Meemu Atoll

The north east is peppered with submerged pinnacles covered predominantly in soft corals, whilst the west will see you surrounded by jacks and snappers. Keep an eye open for sharks and rays at 30m!

Uraidhoo Kandu – South Malé Atoll

Since the eastern side of the channel is open ocean, large predatory fish can regularly be spotted here. This site is famous for sightings of sharks, schools of eagle rays and the occasional sail fish and hammerheads. The best condition to do the dive is when the current is flowing into the Atoll. The dive begins on the outer reef following the current into the atoll. Most of the pelagic species can be observed on the eastern side, where the reef drops off into the deep ocean. At the end of the dive in the channel, along the reef you can find overhangs with plenty of soft coral growth and small fish.

Kandooma Thila – South Malé Atoll

Located in a channel, the reef is subject to strong currents at times. The ocean currents carry a lot of nutrients to the reef, supporting an abundance of sea life. The site is well renowned for the soft coral growth, turtles, diverse fish life and invertebrates found on the reef. At the reef slope you may find sharks and eagle rays.

Qualification Needed:

You must be certified to dive to a depth of 30 meters as well as be experienced and comfortable with diving in medium to strong currents. Southern itineraries are not for beginners as the dives can be enervating due to the strong currents; deep water is to be expected. Please refer to our itinerary checklist for additional information.