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Divemaster Insurance

When embarking on the breathtaking adventure of diving, whether exploring vibrant coral reefs, mysterious underwater caves, or the serene beauty of the marine life, it's crucial to ensure that your unforgettable experience remains worry-free. That's where Divemaster Insurance comes in as your trusted companion beneath the waves. Specializing in providing comprehensive dive accident insurance coverage and dive equipment insurance coverage, Divemaster Insurance is dedicated to ensuring divers can focus entirely on the beauty of the underwater world, secure in the knowledge that they are well-protected.

Dive Accident Insurance Coverage is specifically tailored to offer peace of mind to divers. Understanding that diving, while exhilarating, comes with its unique set of challenges and risks, this coverage is designed to support divers in the event of unexpected incidents. This might include treatment for decompression sickness or assistance in emergency medical situations. It’s not just about safety; it’s about ensuring that you can dive with confidence, knowing that you’re backed by robust support in the unlikely case you need it.

Similarly, Dive Equipment Insurance Coverage addresses another crucial aspect of diving – your gear. High-quality dive equipment represents a significant investment and is essential for a safe and enjoyable diving experience. This coverage ensures that your investment is protected, covering loss, theft, or damage to your dive gear. Whether it’s your wetsuit, fins, mask, or more sophisticated equipment like your dive computer and regulator, Divemaster Insurance is there to ensure your gear is protected, so you can dive in without a second thought about the safety of your equipment.

IDEC (Dive Accident Cover)

IDEC (International Diving Emergency Cover) is a personal accident plan for divers that covers you anywhere, no matter where you’re divingsuch as popular areas like Egypt, Thailand & Maldives. This includes freediving and snorkling.

Now with new and improved benefits including an increased aggregate limit of £500,000.


Dive Equipment Insurance

Whether you’re a sport diver, instructor, club, or dive business, we believe our dive equipment policy provides simply superior quality and great value scuba diving equipment insurance to protect your investment.