Meet the Team - Craig Nixon

Meet the Team - Craig Nixon

Next up is Craig.

He is not quite as blurry in real life as his profile pic, but he is difficult to get in front of a camera!


Craig Nixon



Dive Qualification


What year did you start diving?


What made you take up diving?

Training for the British Stunt Register

What is your favourite bit of dive kit and why?

I like all my dive kit, as it feels like an adventure every time input it all on

What is your favourite place to dive in the UK?

So far, Capernwray is my favourite dive site

What's the best place to dive outside the UK?

I’ve only been diving in the UK at the moment but I am looking forward to going other places

What's your favourite critter?

Sturgeon. They look like mini sharks as they slowly cruise around.

What's the best thing about working with Dream Divers?

There is friendliness and professionalism and Dream Divers have them both - it's always a joy to be with them.

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